Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What grade are we in?

Ok. I think people never really lose the kindergarten mentality, especially when we get our drivers licenses. First of all when we put our blinkers on to change lanes it's does not say to others, "OOO, speed up so I'm still first in line", or when someone wants to change lanes they think, "OOO, I have to get in front of them because I deserve to be first in line", even tho there is NOBODY behind the other car. (also notice I never have this mentality). There is also the "I AM THE ONLY DRIVER ON THIS PLANET!" as they zoom to a parking spot in front of the store without looking around to see if they are going to hit someone or if someone has their blinker light on and have been waiting for this spot. Then there's the cell phone issues. Come on people, wake up. Drive right! Don't you know I am THE only person who drives perfectly!!!LOL!!!

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