Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Free Stitchery

Just a little Mothers Day Stitchery to enjoy. Kelli

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I LOVE ruffles and when I saw this beautiful tote at....., I wanted to make one. I came across a skirt I had bought off ebay but was too narrow for me but looking at it I couldn't bring myself to just make a tote so I made it into a top to wear and with the leftover I am going to figure out a tote. What do you think? It would look so much better on a skinny person but I'll get there. My dear hubby and I have signed up for the gym.Thanx for stopping by.

Monday, April 19, 2010

My New Purses

I bought a pig  feed sack made into a bag from a great lady and at the moment i can't remember who she is BUT I PROMISE TO TELL YOU WHEN I FIND HER!!!!!!! That bag inspired me to make a smaller version so I went grocery shopping and  found these. I emptied them out, washed them made these.....
I forgot to photo the insides but i just made liners with pockets for the inside. I sewed everything but you could hot glue too. So many times at the grocery store the clerks tell me I've left an item in my cart and then they laugh when I show them it's my purse. So FUN!!!!

Spring Wreath

I was having a moment of frustration trying to come up with a spring wreath idea but having no money to go and buy things for it, so here's what I suddenly came up with. I had a grapevine wreath in the basement, with nothing on it and I had a bunch of flowers for your hair that I made. They have a pin on the back to pin it to your clothes or an alligator clip for wearing in your hair. I just clipped them onto the wreath with the alligator clips. TADA!!!! I think for Mothers Day I'm going to put letters of M O M with glitter on them, of course, and do a heart instead of an o and have it along on side of the flower wreath. I'll show you when I do it and get the pictures of it. I love new things. Have a great week.