Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Where did everyones Manners Go?

Have you noticed how many people have forgotten or don't use any manners? It is making me crazy! No PLEASE, THANK YOU, EXCUSE ME... etc. Standing in an isle at a store, looking at a product, a person steps in front of you or stands in front of you and doesn't even acknowledge you let alone says excuse me. Kids have no respect for people or their property, toilet habits send me over the edge screaming, and driving has gotten more rude and ME ME ME only. We lived in Okinawa Japan for a year and I LOVED how they taught their children manners, respect and honor from the time the child is tiny. Parks were kept pristine, everyone cheered for each other, Eating habits were very proper, drivers let you into traffic and you responded back with a quick honk and tipping your head to say thank you. We never worried about things being stolen or anyone hurting us when we were among the Japanese, but on the American military bases we did. The children were the custodians at the schools and were also in charge of taking care of the younger students and teaching them how to get along. If we could afford it, we would definitely move back and retire there. But it would be great if America started teaching their kids these things. Now I will step off my soap box!