Sunday, August 30, 2009

Are we ever too old?

My youngest and his wife spent Friday night with us and they have upped the saying "let's sleep in a tent in the living room". I was even wanting to "camp" out with them, Matt had made it look so cozy with so many blankets on the floor before they put in the sleeping bags. They had actually planned to camp out in our back yard but I told them to try the tent in the livingroom because we have so many pincher bugs. The boy cracks me up.
Good Morning!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I've gone hair mad!

Ok, so here is my darling granddaughter Addy, She's 14 months old, who amazingly sat still long enough for me to do this, (her mom hates me now), to her yesterday, and I was so thrilled with it. She's such a doll anyway and this was just so cute on her.

Then today I was convinced my oldest child Kerstin, who is 26 by the way, to let me play with her hair, and here is how it turned out. She holds still better and longer than Addy and REALLY holds still for pictures, but not Addy!


Old door and old window

I was over at the and she was talking about a blog called where Hailey purposed an old window so I thought I would share what I did with an old door and window.The window had one of the panes broken out so I added a mirror and in the other part I used an old Mary Engelbreit paper doll calender and created a little vinette , added hooks and screwed it onto the wall. I did my whole bathroom with Mary Engelbreit pictures and paper dolls. The top of the wall I painted a soft butter yellow, the bottom I painted on the beadboard a sage green and the trim black with white polka dots. LOVE IT!!! In the mirror you can see a paper doll collage I made from all the paper dolls from her magazine.

Here is my old door I made into a coat rack. I put 4 hooks on top and 3 hooks in the middle and screwed the door to the wall. You could put some hooks lower for little ones to reach. I didn't even paint the door, it has the chippy white paint it came with. I LOVE IT!!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lookie what I made!

I've been having a hard time deciding to put this on my blog yet for fear of someone stealing it, but I was so thrilled with how it turned out so I decided to go ahead and post it. I do have some other bow holders in my head to do still and possibly make patterns. Here goes....

Monday, August 10, 2009

Eternity is NOW!

"Very often in our anxiousness for the joys of the future we run away from the very things we are wanting and needing today.An appropriate examination of the passing moment will prove it leads to eternity. We need to constantly remind ourselves eternity is in process now."--Marvin J. Ashton

This is SO TRUE. I find myself looking back and saying, "if only I would have..." and I used to, but not so much now, say I can't wait till..." when I need to look at the now and cherish every second of it! I blinked and my babies are grown and I'm a grandma now. As I watch Addy with her grampa I see him all over again with our daughter Kersti and miss those times so much but I am savoring every second with Addy because I know this will pass too quickly. I also find I laugh at Addy's parents when she's naughty and they are frustrated or exassperated with her, because now it's payback. Our families are too precious!!! Go and hug them now, stop reading this, GO! Give them a hug for me too!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Dude, Obama, yo, Check it.... I say you need to STOP bailing companies out, they keep screwing up! GIVE THE MONEY TO THE PEOPLE, we would be paying off loans, mortgages, buy new cars and houses, FOOD and then we would shop for fun. Economy taken care of because the money would be circulating.
And those who keep putting Bush down, I say whoohoo for him because he kicked butt when we got attacked on 9-11. When there was a bomb set off during Clintons rein what did he do, he did Monica!!! I didn't vote for Obama but I will give him a fair shake as long as he does things right by us.
Ladies at THE VIEW, listen to Elizabeth more and GET RID OF JOY, SHE'S MORE ANNOYING THAN A BEE IN YOUR PANTS!!!! Even Barbara is getting a bit too snooty.

What grade are we in?

Ok. I think people never really lose the kindergarten mentality, especially when we get our drivers licenses. First of all when we put our blinkers on to change lanes it's does not say to others, "OOO, speed up so I'm still first in line", or when someone wants to change lanes they think, "OOO, I have to get in front of them because I deserve to be first in line", even tho there is NOBODY behind the other car. (also notice I never have this mentality). There is also the "I AM THE ONLY DRIVER ON THIS PLANET!" as they zoom to a parking spot in front of the store without looking around to see if they are going to hit someone or if someone has their blinker light on and have been waiting for this spot. Then there's the cell phone issues. Come on people, wake up. Drive right! Don't you know I am THE only person who drives perfectly!!!LOL!!!