Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Dude, Obama, yo, Check it.... I say you need to STOP bailing companies out, they keep screwing up! GIVE THE MONEY TO THE PEOPLE, we would be paying off loans, mortgages, buy new cars and houses, FOOD and then we would shop for fun. Economy taken care of because the money would be circulating.
And those who keep putting Bush down, I say whoohoo for him because he kicked butt when we got attacked on 9-11. When there was a bomb set off during Clintons rein what did he do, he did Monica!!! I didn't vote for Obama but I will give him a fair shake as long as he does things right by us.
Ladies at THE VIEW, listen to Elizabeth more and GET RID OF JOY, SHE'S MORE ANNOYING THAN A BEE IN YOUR PANTS!!!! Even Barbara is getting a bit too snooty.

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