Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's only my opinion...

I have to apologize to anyone I may offend but I have been a bit frustrated with the goings on in the news! First of all this big to do about the Professor who was arrested and said it was racial profiling. The police were called by a neighbor saying someone was breaking into a house. The Professor should thank the neighbor for being so attentive to what was going on in the neighborhood, and also he should get to know his neighbors so they know that it is his house. If people got to know their neighbors better and helped each other, these kinds of problems wouldn't happen. Did anyone see the other cops in the photo. One was white and another was BLACK. So if the white cop was wrong wouldn't the black cop have spoken up? I'm even shocked that the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES got involved. Is it only because he is black? I try to be fair and unbiased especially in racial dealings but this one was "STUPID".
I was all for other races being included in the Miss America Pageant. So why is there a Latino pageant and a African American pageant and nobody complains about how that's not fair. What about the couple from Chicago who say the blacks should go out of their way to shop at black owned businesses so that black kids can see that they can get out of the slums and succeed in business. First, I want to know what kind of neighborhood do they live in, and if they want the youth living in the slums to have a better life then why not have your family live in the middle of the slums and teach the people to take pride in their community by taking care of the homes and yards or apartments and areas around them. Why not teach the parents to live a better way and set better examples to their kids. Why not help the parents get a better education so they can have a better life. Stop blaming race when it's easy for you to use. I hate bigotry but I also hate lame excuses. Look at all the ethnic people out there who have bettered themselves with their own hard work. God doesn't love certain colors and neither should we. And He also wants us to be the best people we can be by working on it ourselves, not by free hand up's. Having a beer with Obama. Please! Yeah that helps. Alcohol solves everything.
And while I'm complaining, I've had it with the gay issues. Especially the gay guys that got busted on Temple Square in Salt Lake City. They were on Church owned property and were asked to leave, and resisted the security guards. Then they think a kiss-in is going to prove anything. How ridiculous! The gays also want the Mormon church to change their stand on gay issues that go back to the Bible and the churches foundation on this issue. The day the Mormon Church changes it's standards is the day God wipes out the earth!! Get over yourself. But it's only my opinion!

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