Saturday, March 27, 2010

Did you watch....

Did you watch Jamie Oliver on tv last night? I must say I love him and  that he cares so much about our kids' health to put himself thru so much. The lunch ladies at the school he went to said they were willing to let him come and try things his way but in all fairness, THEY WEREN'T REALLY WILLING TO BE TRUE TO THEIR WORD!!!!! It really chaps me when people say they are willing to try but then they buck things all the way. Good heck people, we DO need to change our eating habits and tell these people who make the crap food that we do ingest that we deserve better. We also need to tell ourselves we deserve better than what we are giving ourselves. I want to try all of his recipes to see if I can enjoy healthy foods and get my big behind smaller. I know I need to get my health back up, especially after all the health problems I've been having. If we as a community would say no to going to concerts and ball games where the tickets are so exspencive and put that kind of money to feeding our children better, especially in the schools, and also to paying the teachers more so the classrooms are smaller and the teachers are able to work more closely with the kids. We are a warpped society. Jump on Jamie Olivers bandwagon!!!
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