Sunday, September 13, 2009

This makes me smile

I'm sitting here going thru the blogs I follow and then follow some of their blogs they follow(wow, does that make sense),and came across this blog and even tho I don't know what is being said I felt so peaceful just looking at the pictures posted and enjoying each artistically created picture. I also smile at the darling kittens that pop in and out of some of the pictures. I'd like to thank those lovelies for sharing uplifting, or calming, or smilable bloggers out there for making my day. I enjoy this life and I've finally learned to slow down and just enjoy the little things. Thank you dear Heavenly Father for these things. May God bless you all. I also want to confess I stole a few of her pictures to show you.
My other confession is I'm supposed to be at church but I have an addiction to following blogs. Now that I've confessed I guess rehab is the next step. Maybe. We'll see.


Pamela Jane said...

Thanks for visiting me on your blog quest! :) I share your fondness for Scandinavian blogs and their serene charm.

jenjen said...

I may need rehab too... I love that little kitty face - how sweet!

Have a wonderful week!