Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My little monsters!

I was doodling last night and pulled out a catalog I got from Panduro Hobby out of England. Love their stuff but especially the Tomte characters. I saw their little monsters (which gave me inspiration) and decided to show you three of mine. I am going to make them into patterns to sell on my etsy, but thought you could copy these ones if you would like. I plan to stitch mine and maybe even make them into jewelry of some sort. I need to get in gear and finish up some pumpkins I'm crafting to sell. See ya soon.

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julie Haymaker thompson said...

Oh there are going to be so cute, I have friend that is making monsters right now winging it on blogger They are turing out really cute! I can not sew a stuffie if my life depended on it but I can make slipcovers