Monday, July 13, 2009

Looky what I made!

I have seen these beautiful fabric flowers on etsy and was dying to find out how they did it. So, after tons of research on-line, I kind of had some ideas. I did find a couple of tutorials but I forgot to write down where so I could give them credit for it, sorry. But anyway, after scouring the local thrift stores and Joanns fabrics for remnants I started. I found a great lace blouse and decided to slightly paint some of it a soft blue. It turned out so pretty even tho you can't tell by the picture. I just watered down some acrylic paint. I think the color was Delta's Lilac Blue.Anyway, I cut out the fabric into flower shapes and carefully burned the edges. Burning can forgive a lot of mistakes. Then I layered different textured petals and stitched them together. I was so thrilled with them but they needed something, so back to Joanns and found some beautiful buttons for the centers. What a difference. My craft area is in such a mess I don't know how I'll ever clean it up but here are the results. The largest flower is so massive but one of my fav's.Now to just put them on etsy to hopefully sell. Check me out and please buy some so I can feed my addiction of making more. I'm putting on a pin and a hair clip so it can be used either way. Tell me what you think.
American Idol!
So, When Are the top 8 kids going to get record deals so I can buy their albums? I know they are on tour, they're set to preform here in Utah, but have they even been offered record deals?
My little grandaughter Addy has learned how to walk and now she's trying to run. Her parents better get in shape 'cus she'll keep THEM running. She is so funny just with a few of us around, but give her a bigger audiance at Great Grandma's house and watch her show off. It's very entertaining. She's such a doll too. I have this picture of her wearing my reading glasses and she had to turn to show everyone. I'm going to do a collage of it saying " Do these glasses make my butt look big?"
Thanks for tuning in and have a great day.


MommaB said...

those are sweome..I love the ivory one..

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

We don't know what you like better: your cute flowers or that beautiful baby girl!!!
Thank you so much for "following"!
Clara & Marcela