Sunday, July 26, 2009

If your heart needs to be comforted

I was soaring thru the web again today and came across a blog that has so touched me and inspired me. It is a blog I am going thru backwards because that is what has grabbed me. This woman and her dear husband survived a plane crash alltho the pilot sadly didn't. Her sister became a substitute in the blog while during recovery and then NieNie was able to do some blogging on her own. What inspiration I feel as I read of her frustrations but mostly of the deep love she has for her husband and he for her. We all want happy marriages and she shows me how to do it. They have put God first in their marriage and then each other. I see her husband only in the sweet positive ways he should be shown as should we only see our spouses. As God sees us. I have learned to see only the precious and sweet loving things of our children, family and friends. As God sees us. They say We go thru trials to make US stronger and to learn from, but Stephanie has taught Me how I should be and live and see those around me in the love God wants us to see and learn from. I do see her trials and feel part of her pain, and we all go down that road, but she immediatly looks back up to her Father in Heaven, asks and DEPENDS on His help and she shows us the beauty and love again. Thanks Nienie for sharing your life with us all. My love and prayers will now be with you and in my heart. Kiss your sweet ones for their new "aunt" and I hope you can feel my arms around you thanking you for touching a tired heart.
Check out her blog and feel blessed to "know" her.

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