Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Black History Month

I recently heard a white girl say "Why don't we have White History Month", and was sad to hear her attitude. I am white, I grew up with a lot of my family being predjudice against blacks. When I was little I remember asking Santa for a black baby doll, and getting her. I was SO in love with her, but very upset and defensive when my Aunt teased me about having a "n------ baby". I indignantly told her she was black and beautiful. I still have that doll and am still drawn to these beautifully dark dolls and  beautiful dark people. I may be politically incorrect and I'm sorry. I lived in Okinawa Japan and was at a flea market on a US military base. Amother and her two little girls were at my booth and I overheard one of the little girls tell her mom how she was being picked on and told she was ugly and stupid because she was black. I went over to that little girl and told her to ALWAYS be proud of her color and herself and never to be mean like that little girl was. I also told her "BACK IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!". I am ashamed of my ancestors being a slave holder and especially how mean she was to the slaves, and tho I can never change the past, I am trying to change the future with what I teach my children. They are adults now and so far so good. So I am thrilled to see how far we have come and I know we still have more to learn and change. Also, go to this web site... to learn what's going on today and check out these amazing accomplishments.


Hope said...

What a beautiful post. I have a racist sickens me. My kids aren't too fond of her either....which hurts....but ultimately they don't like her racism. That makes me proud. I am all for improving the future!

Alan said...

We have the rest of the year for white history, and we give the shortest month over for focusing on black history. What is truly sad is how some try to rewrite history. If you want to read a more factual history of the United States, read A People's History of the United States by Howard Zinn. It'll make you cringe, but we must face the truth of our past, good and bad.