Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I Need Your Feedback...

I made some fun headband accesories and I want to know what you think. I saw something like this on a blog but I can't seem to find it to give them credit, I'm sorry. These are made from scraps of fabric, sewn onto felt. I add two alligator clips to clip onto any headband also I added a vintage earring to the top to finish it off. I think they're cute and we even clipped it onto a necklace. They are in my etsy shop too. Tell me what you think of them. Thanx.

Isn't my daughter a great model...


Rebecca said...

Just dropped by to say hello and thank you for leaving such nice a nice comment.
The headbands are very cute!

Just Joany said...

These are adorable. I don't think I'm as fond of them on the necklace, but as headbands, they are awesome. Kinda' like a small hat. I love 'em.

Now, I'm gonna' search through your Etsy shop.

~ Just Joany
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