Monday, April 16, 2012

A Little Protection


I'm posting the pictures of our neighbors fence and our shared fence in case of future problems. Over the weekend the neighbors goat and dog got out of their back yard. I saw the dog and twice we put it in their back yard because I knew they were gone on vacation. I didn't know the husband was home tho. The goat I didn't see. I have four dogs. Three males and one female. One of my males had followed their dog and I guess the husband saw him mating with their female. I try to keep a close eye on my dogs when they are out, and I did see my dog go after their female. I went looking for him but could not find him. I was even looking in their back yard and calling him, but I didn't see him. I fixed their fence back from where the goat got out and now I'm seeing her complaining about my dog on Facebook saying my dogs have dug holes under the fence and are always over there. So I took pictures showing how easy for any animal to get in our out of their yard. Yes there was a hole under one spot in the middle of our shared fence and I have covered it up and another spot where my dogs used to get into their back yard before they moved in, and we fixed it and they don't go that way anymore. I feel bad their dog may get pregnant by my dog, but it is hard when their dog gets out. Obviously the hole under the fence hasn't even been used for awhile, either way . Thanx for letting me rant!

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