Sunday, July 24, 2011

I LOVE.......

I do love my lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!  Today in church, we had a speaker talk of his son. He told of how the son had been badly burned, accidentally, and how they had to care for him, scrubbing away the dead flesh and the pain this boy was in. How his son pleaded with him to let him die so he would be pain free. The father said how he admired his son's strength in dealing with this pain, and how those who knew this boy grew so much from the acts of charity and their prayers for this boy and his family. Then he told of a neighbor who rarely went to church, how he didn't think he needed to rely on the Lord. His son was accidentally shot the other day and this boy's father knew he needed to step up and be the leader of this family. In a special prayer for this boy, the man was asked to say this prayer, and it was revealed to this man, that this boy chose, in the pre-mortal existence, to let this accident happen, to help those around him grow and be blessed by the Lord. I immediately thought of Nie-Nie, or Stephanie Nielson, and her accident in a plane crash. (Her button is to the right of this blog) She, and her husband are still going thru pain and recovery from the crash, and this has really  affected her family, friends and now so many more people. But she is always showing us her trials but also how the Lord is helping her thru this and she is showing us how to look up and look for the good. It IS by our faith that the Lord blesses us but we have to always be asking for His help. I am so grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, for His great love for us and all that we learn from Him. Open your hearts, pray specifically and wait for His love to be poured out on you.  My love and prayers to anyone who does still read my blog.

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