Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Family

My youngest son,is my funniest kid. He comes up with the darndest things and cracks everyone up, especially me.He's the one in the first 5 pictures. He just turned 23, is married to a FABULOUS girl. As you can see he makes her laugh too. They were getting thier engagement pics done and our friend the photographer kept having to get after him to be more serious. This past Halloween he decided to dress up as one of his co-workers and did a great job at it. What was scary was he looked a lot like my brother.  Even his buddies are silly and I LOVE it, as you can see in the wedding photo. It was all impromptu and they all knew what the other was up to. My middle son is married and he just turned 25. He has a 2 year old little girl who makes us laugh even more. The picture of her in her skunk costume was taken by her mom(who is also FABULOUS and VERY witty). She says Little Miss won't clean her room unless she's wearing this outfit. She's very much a Papa's girl and so smart. Then there is our beautiful daughter who is 27 and my best friend. She is amazing on the computer and amazing with Geneology. She served a mission for our church at the Family History Library where she found a LOT of my family members. She can also do yours for $5.00 an hour. Just let me know! I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for such a great family and also a wondrful and handsome husband.

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