Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Free Style Embroidery Started

I finally started my freestyle embroidery and am almost done with it. I LOVE IT!!!! It is so much fun and now I have a bunch of themes I want to do. Once I decided on an idea it just snowballed and it works up so fast. I have pics to show you but our computer has died and I am using a borrowed laptop. But I will get pics posted soon. My main theme was from a talk Chad Hymas gave and it has really stuck with me and made me more aware. It is " THIS LIFE WAS NEVER ABOUT YOU". If you ever get a chance to hear him speak it is SO worth it. Look him up and his story. He's AMAZING!!! I've also been making domino necklaces with the characters from Bonanza and The Monkees, for my daughter and her friends. They are quite fun. Gotta run for now. Have a great weekend. Remember to be the same person on your feet as you are on your knees.

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